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Jake Gyllenhall said: ''Performing 'Sunday in the Park with George' with the brilliant Annaleigh Ashford was one of the greatest joys of my career, I've also deeply missed the West End and so to be bringing Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine's Pulitzer Prize-winning musical there alongside Annaleigh is both humbling and thrilling.'' External link

contactmusic 17.06.2019 21:44:00

Dave Mustaine wrote: ''I've been diagnosed with throat cancer. It's clearly something to be respected and faced head on - but I've faced obstacles before. I'm working closely with my doctors, and we've mapped out a treatment plan which they feel has a 90% success rate. Treatment has already begun.'' External link

contactmusic 17.06.2019 21:44:00

Jason Lewis said: "The Tri-Community Greenway will offer significant and lasting benefits for Stoneham, Winchester, Woburn, and this entire region," "Connecting transportation hubs, schools, businesses, municipal buildings, parks, playgrounds, and neighborhoods, the Greenway offers wonderful new recreational opportunities for children, adults, and seniors. It also provides an environmentally friendly means of transportation, and it will promote local economic development" External link

patch 17.06.2019 21:44:00

Charles Blackwood said: "This is a very tough kid who kept his wits about him," External link

patch 17.06.2019 21:44:00

Philippe Coutinho said: "I am happy to play in that position in the center," External link

eagletribune 17.06.2019 21:43:00

Dani Alves said: "All he needed was some self-confidence to have this role. He knows that he has the confidence of the team to be our leading figure," External link

eagletribune 17.06.2019 21:43:00

Rafael Dudamel said: "To play against Brazil as if we were equals is silliness," "We have to play with respect, admiration, self-assurance and without any sort of complex" External link

eagletribune 17.06.2019 21:43:00

Jonah Peretti said: “Despite what you may hear to the contrary, we continue to have ongoing, daily communication between our lawyers, and we are confident the proposal provides a strong basis on which to move forward with the collective bargaining process,” External link

huffingtonpost-us-en 17.06.2019 21:43:00

Kevin Vasconi said: “We are always looking for new ways to innovate and evolve the delivery experience for our customers,” External link

mlive 17.06.2019 21:43:00

Cathy Jones said: “The market has gotten pretty far out there with the prospect of building in several Fed rate cuts,” External link

zerohedge 17.06.2019 21:42:00

Andrew Sheets wrote: "We strongly disagree with this “bad is good” logic" External link

zerohedge 17.06.2019 21:42:00

Andrew Wyatt said (about Bill Cosby): “Mr. Cosby’s (message) consisted of telling these men who have been incarcerated for many years, but are up for parole soon … to … take the word ‘disadvantage’ and remove the ‘dis,’ and start focusing on the advantage. That advantage is to be better fathers and productive citizens,” External link

eurweb 17.06.2019 21:41:00

Werner Karl Heisenberg suggested: "Quantum theory will not look ridiculous to those who have read the teachings of the Gita," External link

minnesota-publicradio 17.06.2019 21:40:00

Erwin Schroedinger agreed: "Multiplicity is only apparent. The unity and continuity of wave mechanics is entirely consistent with the Vedanta concept of all in one" External link

minnesota-publicradio 17.06.2019 21:40:00

LaVar Ball responded: "You can switch gears with me anytime," External link

cleveland 17.06.2019 21:40:00

Shania Twain wrote: “The news is out!! I’m returning to Vegas this December, for my new residency ‘Let’s Go’ at @ZapposTheater !” External link

dailycaller 17.06.2019 21:40:00

John Wilmoth said: “These data constitute a critical piece of the evidence base needed for monitoring global progress toward achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030” External link

earth 17.06.2019 21:39:00

Christopher Kuzawa said: “A major aim of our paper is to bring attention to this gap in understanding and to encourage researchers to measure the brain’s energy use in future studies of child development, especially those focused on understanding weight gain and obesity risk,” External link

earth 17.06.2019 21:39:00

Christopher Kuzawa said: “We believe it plausible that increased energy expenditure by the brain could be an unanticipated benefit to early child development programs, which, of course, have many other demonstrated benefits,” “That would be a great win-win” External link

earth 17.06.2019 21:39:00

Andrei Andreev sagte: „Heute geben wir unsere Mission der Welt bekannt – Magic Lab schafft lebensverändernde Momente für Millionen von Menschen, indem es Beziehungen aufbaut" External link

prnewswire 17.06.2019 21:36:00

Francisco Garduño indicó: “Han ingresado 470 mil migrantes en los últimos 3 meses. Vamos a hacer una contención en la zona; establecer límites en la migración, que ya es intercontinental” External link

mvsnoticias 17.06.2019 21:34:00

CARLA MUCAVI disse: “desertificação e a degradação de solos é um grande desafio para o alcance da Agenda 2030 para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável” External link

news-un-pt 17.06.2019 21:03:00

Bob Pittman sagte: „Wir bei iHeartMedia kennen die beispiellose Strahlkraft von Audioformaten und ihre Fähigkeit, Marken auf breitere Ebene in die tägliche Ansprache der Verbraucher jeden Alters einzubeziehen und zu integrieren“ External link

businesswire 17.06.2019 20:00:00

Mark Read sagte: „Die Verbraucher hören mehr denn je und wir kennen bereits die Strahlkraft von Musik, Stimme und Ton zur Schaffung ansprechender und emotionaler menschlicher Verbindungen“ External link

businesswire 17.06.2019 20:00:00

Tim Castree sagte: „Wir bei GroupM konzentrieren uns gezielt darauf, unseren Kunden bei der optimalen Nutzung der Medien zu helfen, mit denen sie Wachstum für ihr Unternehmen erzielen können“ External link

businesswire 17.06.2019 20:00:00

Bob Pittman déclare: "Chez iHeartMedia, nous comprenons la puissance inégalée de l'audio et sa capacité à intégrer les marques dans le quotidien, avec des consommateurs de tous âges, sur une échelle massive" External link

businesswire 17.06.2019 20:00:00

Mark Read déclare: "Les consommateurs consacrent plus temps à l'écoute que jamais auparavant, et nous connaissons déjà la puissance de la musique, de la voix et du son pour créer des liens émotionnels" External link

businesswire 17.06.2019 20:00:00

Tim Castree déclare: "Chez GroupM, notre priorité absolue est d'aider nos clients à mieux utiliser les médias afin de générer de la croissance pour leurs entreprises" External link

businesswire 17.06.2019 20:00:00

Charles Liang dichiarato: "Mettere a disposizione di scienziati, come quelli della NASA, le soluzioni più recenti di calcolo avanzato e analisi dei dati è una parte essenziale della missione di Supermicro che consiste nel fare del mondo un posto migliore non solo per noi, ma anche per le generazioni future," External link

prnewswire 17.06.2019 18:34:00

Felipe Vieira commenta: “Abbiamo generato una mappa anatomica dettagliata delle vie respiratorie” External link

wired-it 17.06.2019 17:39:00

Yu Jun sagt: „GAC Motor zollt mit ‚Salute the Ordinary' gewöhnlichen Menschen seinen Tribut, die sich dafür einsetzen, die Welt zu verbessern. Wir respektieren den Wert, der in jeder gewöhnlichen Rolle geschaffen wird, und möchten den Einzelnen und die Gesellschaft dazu anhalten, Probleme mit Hartnäckigkeit zu überwinden, um ihre eigenen Träume der Größe umzusetzen" External link

prnewswire 17.06.2019 17:34:00

Jill Ader fejtette ki: "Újra és újra azt halljuk ügyfeleinktől, hogy a vállalati kultúra átformálása a vezetők számára az egyik legnagyobb kihívást jelentő feladat. Az SQN-ben megtaláltuk azt az innovatív partnert, amellyel együttműködve az emberi vezetési képességekről birtokolt meglátásainkat úttörő technológiával párosítva integrált szolgáltatásokat nyújthatunk ügyfeleinknek" External link

businesswire 29.05.2019 19:58:00

Al Girardi sier: -- GEP, en ledende leverandør av forsyningskjede-relaterte programvarer og tjenester til Fortune 500- og Global 2000-selskaper over hele verden, kunngjorde i dag at selskapet har vunnet prisen «Best Procurement Technology» ved den 13. årlige World Procurement Awards i London. «Noen av verdens største selskaper har dratt nytte av GEPs teknologi, og den USA -baserte teknologigiganten forsetter å flytte grenser for hva som er mulig innen innkjøpsteknologi », sier Procurement Leaders og dets høyt ansette dommerpanel. «Selskapets SMART by GEP -plattform er utviklet for å hjelpe globale virksomheter med å skape større verdier fra direkte og indirekte utlegg. Den nettbaserte, helhetlige kilde-til-betaling-programvaren gir et arbeidsmiljø der samarbeid er i sentrum, og som inneholder alt som trengs for at innkjøpsprosesser som fungere knirkefritt.» Priskomiteen bemerket at «SMART by GEP har vist seg i stand til å forandre innkjøps- og forsyningskjedeoperasjoner over hele verden, og at programvaren hjelper bedrifter med å forbedre resultatene, øke hastigheten og levere også på komplekse områder som ofte er vanskelige å administrere, som for eksempel samsvar. «GEPs bruk av kunstig intelligens og avansert prosessautomatisering gir også en type plattform som kan fortsette å levere i mange år.» Hvis du vil vite mer om hvordan GEP vant, kan du gå til «Kundene våre er blant de aller beste prestasjon- og resultatdrevne selskapene i verden, og de valgte GEP fordi de ønsket et markert sprang innen digital innovasjon, påvirkning og verdi», External link

prnewswire 24.05.2019 13:11:00

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